Art: is a creative imitative activity that uses human imagination, skills and aesthetic taste to express ideas or feelings, thus giving pleasure to people who participate in its production, and amusing others with the beauty, or making them emotionally contemplate meanings from life by sharing the experience of the artist.

Language is generally used to convey wither information or experience science uses language in order to communicate information; it avoids imagination, focusing on facts alone; it makes only brief and direct usage of language; and it has nothing to do with emotion or personal taste. contrariwise, literature communicates experience through the creative use of language, using imagination, emotion and the sense of beauty.

. literature functions not only by telling about significant experience, but also by allowing imaginative participation in it. the enjoyment of literature comes from participation in other people’s experience, thus enriching their personal experience with pleasure and enabling them to live more fully, more deeply, more richly, and with greater awareness.


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